How to Buy the Best Lens for Product Photography

Product photography is a task that requires just the right kind of skill and tools. It is essential to ensure any product is photographed well so that it can have a higher impact on the target audience. The more attractive a product looks, the more likely it is to sell! One of the main factors to consider during product photography is the kind of lens that is being used – because when it comes to product photography, the right lens can make all the difference. Here is a simple but useful guide on how to buy the right lens for product photography:

Consider the Basics

Start off by considering what the subject of photography is – i.e. what product is being photographer? Is it food, clothing, electronic gadgets, cosmetics, or something else? After this check the elements apart from the subject such as the background and setting, lighting, props, and how far or how near the product needs to be photographed. Once all these are considered, it’ll be easy to select what type of lens the product photography calls for.

Knows the Types of Lenses

There are many types of lenses in the market but that doesn’t mean all of them are suitable for all types of photography. Consider all types to see which type is the right lens for product photography as per the subject and requirements. Standard lenses are the ones all DSLRs come equipped with, made for general photography. These lenses capture “as is” pictures of subjects, providing a true to life look but cannot cover specific photography needs like unique angles and focus points. Wide angle lenses are lenses that can provide a wider framing of pictures and are ideal for zooming and focusing. A variant of wide angle, Ultra-wide angle lenses have less than 24 mm focal length which helps in providing an even wider look to pictures. This type of lens is great if there are more than one products to be photographed together. Wide angle lenses have other variants too such as fish eye lens and rectilinear lens. Another common type of lens is the Telephoto lens that boasts more than 70 mm focal length. Some telephoto lenses even go higher than 135 mm for a super narrow view of pictures. These lenses can be great if the requirement is to capture details on a product or focus on subjects that are not in the foreground. Be wary of these lenses though, they’re quite hefty and more difficult to use than most lenses! Another very common and popular type of lens is the Macro lens, the lens that manages to capture products in great detail despite extreme close ups.

Choose the Right Lens for Product Photography

After knowing the general uses of all the common types of lenses, it’s easy to choose which one is the right one regarding any type of product photography needs. Once the right type is known, there are plenty of options varying in size, price, and brand to choose from.